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Evaluations for the 2017-2018 Season

Who, What, Where, and Why


Why do we have evaluations?

Hockey is a sport in which everyone benefits from playing at the appropriate level.  Slower skaters in a fast-paced game don’t get the chance to experiment and work on skills.  Fast skaters in a slower game don’t face the challenge they need to improve.  All levels, from Mites to Bantams, are formed in skill brackets to benefit all skaters.  CCYH joins most other town programs in adopting the skill-level approach to team placement.

Who runs the evaluations?

For the past several years CCYH has hired outside evaluators to provide objective ratings of our skaters.  This year again, we have contracted with Greg Carter’s European School of Hockey. In addition, all CCYH head coaches with input from assistant coaches, will be asked to rate the players on their current teams for skill level and game ability.


How do the evaluations work?

The Evaluation Committee of the CCYH Board defines the skills to be demonstrated for each program.  These skills typically combine forward and backward strides, pivoting, stops, agility, and stick handling.  In addition to skills, skaters are often rated on a time trial, as well as  3-on-3, 4-on-4, or 5-on-5 scrimmages.  During the scrimmages, evaluators may look for skate and puck control, and the intensity and desire demonstrated.  These skills are more obvious in the smaller groups than they are in full game situations. Scrimmage play provides every player with more opportunity to carry the puck.  The evaluators provide scores, which are factored in with the coach’s ratings.


The independent evaluators may watch the skaters perform each drill and scrimmage several times (often 3 times or more) and rate their ability on a 5-point scale.

The ratings, as well as an indexed score for the ‘around-the-rink’ speed trial are totaled and averaged into a final score.   This score is factored in, along with the current coach's ranking of the player on his or her team to place the kids in preliminary skill groups.  Skaters are placed into rough groups, with “bubble” groups between teams.  This placement is a team effort by the Evaluation Committee, which closely reviews the evaluators’ ratings and coaches’ rankings.  If there are discrepancies between evaluator and coaches’ ratings, coaches are contacted for additional input. 


When and Where  are the evaluations?

 All evaluations will be held at Valley Sports. A Full schedule with time and place will be posted on the Home page of www.CCYH.org.