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It is important for parents to check the condition of our players hockey helmets.  The hockey helmet (and attached cage) is probably the single most important piece of equipment that our youth hockey players wear during this activity, as they can prevent serious head and face injuries.  Modern helmets are designed to absorb impact forces, which can occur frequently during a practice or game.  Hockey helmets are designed with a foam or gel liner to absorb these forces.  If a helmet is 3-4 years old these materials can be hardened or dried out and do not function at their needed capacity.  Sometimes helmets are passed on from one child to another, and this feature may not be functioning properly.  Also, helmets should be checked for cracks in plastic and for proper fit.  All screws should be checked for tightness and ability to clasp as well as checking that cage (or face shield) is properly fastened.  Also, although not required until Pee Wee level, you should consider having your player wear a moulded mouth guard to decrease the risk of concussion injuries.
So, please check your players helmet before their next game or practice.  We understand that hockey equipment is very expensive, but this is one piece of equipment that should not be compromised.